The Ultimate Proposal Template

Learn the difference between Event and Engagement focuse thinking,
and how to create proposals for long term, high impact solutions.

How to stop talking to your prospective clients about one-ff events and start talking about long term changes with real impact!

You'll Receive:

  • The template I've been teaching my clients to use for 20 years AND that I have been effecively using myself to grow my business.
  • A breakdown of the difference between Event thinking (one and done!) and Engagement thinking (real, sustainable impact!)
  • A clear breakdown of what you should be considering before, during and after delivering a solution to your clients.
  • Then we'll follow up by email to talk about how to customize the template for your unique business and clients, and how to communicate the value of this method.

This template can be the difference between a one-and-done gig and a long term, profitable and mutually beneficial relationship!

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