7 Reasons Why I Hate My Boss*

The truth  be told, I would not have it any other way. But the reality is that there are days when this is exactly how I feel, and there are other days when I need to remember these things so that I can stay focused on what matters most.

Speaker Secret #31 – Managing Your Notes

When it comes to notes it’s a case of some do, some don’t, some who do shouldn’t, and some who don’t should. In other words, it’s a mixed bag. Some use notes as an excuse for standing behind a podium, and in some more formal presentations were specific data is being presented that has to be

Speaker Secret #30 – Using a Flip Chart

One of the more powerful, but often overlooked tools for bringing visuals into your presentation is a simple flip chart. In today’s technology heavy world, people tend to think that there is no value in writing things on flip chart. But nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, the audience feels more engaged when

Speaker Secret #29 – Using Computer Visuals

Computer generated visuals are one of the greatest inventions of all time for presenters. They make it easy to quickly develop and easily display images that support your message. Yes, I’m talking about tools like:

Speaker Secret #28 – Use Visuals You Can't Touch

Few things have more impact in a presentation than great visuals, but unfortunately many people use them incorrectly. Often that happens because they don’t understand the power of power of story to create a mental picture in the mind. Imagine an attorney making his case before a jury. He asks them close their eyes as he

Speaker Secret #27 – Eye Contact Counts

Nothing has more impact in your speaking than your ability to make eye contact with the members of your audience. When your eyes meet theirs in the midst of a point and you hold that connection, you get a chance for a lot of things to happen. They understand that you’re focused on them, You

Speaker Secret #26 – The Power of Threes

Listen closely. I’m about to tell you the three most important things to do whenever you give a speech. Drum roll please… Give three examples Give three examples Give three examples See what I did there? The quickest path to give a lot of information to people in a manner that they will be able

Speaker Secret #25 – Use Humor Effectively

Have you ever told a joke that just didn’t work? The truth is that telling jokes in front of an audience is dangerous. Since you weren’t brought to the stage to be a comedian, your best option is to not try to be one. Here’s why I say that…

Speaker Secret #24 – Stage Memory

In last week’s post I introduced you to the Diamond Method and how it could be used as a practical tool to connect with your audience. This week I’m excited to show you another way you can use the Diamond Method to help you commit your speech to memory and deliver your message with maximum impact. If

Speaker Secret #23 – Stage Positioning

One of the marks of a great speaker is how they connect with their audience. What I’ve discovered in my years of successfully presenting ideas to varied groups is that it’s a good idea to have simple, memorable cues to ensure that you are giving your audience the best chance to receive your ideas. To